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What do YOUR dreams mean? Ruth Langsford confesses she has nightmares about going to the toilet in public Dream Expert Ian Wallace reveals why people dream about their teeth falling…. The dreams we…. We all have dreams every night. Seit immerhin 3 Jahrzehnten widmet sich der amerikanische…. Mi pakhatkhat nih dawi: Kan zaanmang ah kan…. Can our dreams offer insights into our health? A leading psychologist thinks so. Holly was….

The dreams from this special…. Il a…. These include running in slow motion, floating…. The first dream about a mountain ledge reflects a big step that the dreamer is considering in waking….

1000 Dreams

The dreams from this…. In this BBC Radio Friday night dream feature, the charming Dean Jackson and I help his listeners to understand a bit more about the meanings of the dreams they have…. Why Do We Dream? Ian Wallace About. Dreams About. Journal Dream Diary. In Your Dreams. Media Dreams About.

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Contact Ian Wallace Media Contact. Dream Questions. Once you identify those personal dream signs, they will essentially act as landmarks in the dream world, a great way to achieve lucidity.

Keep a journal for a few weeks, and you'll begin to see patterns. A dream sign is personal to you. You might have a recurring dream sign that's been with you your whole life, such as a fear of snakes. Dream signs might change frequently as you yourself change, such as suddenly including your new boss. Find a highlighter, read through your dream journal and start underlining the objects, places, people and themes that pop up more than once: a large mansion, owls, your brother Joe, the park, embarrassment. Keep a list of all these dream signs.

Locating and identifying dream signs will train your subconscious to spot them the next time they appear. If you recognize that you often dream about your old girlfriend, for example, you can use this as a trigger for becoming aware that you're dreaming. Tell yourself before bed, "The next time I see my ex-girlfriend I will realize that I am dreaming.

By asking yourself the question, "Am I dreaming? Reality checks are another cornerstone of lucid dreaming. If you stop and think about it, you can usually tell if you're dreaming or not: The trick is stopping and thinking about it. It may sound crazy to ask this question when you know for sure that you're awake, but your feelings of lunacy will be justified when you have your first lucid dream. Soon enough, you'll perform a reality check in a dream and realize: "Wait a second, it worked!


I am dreaming! The Best Activities to Try It isn't a surprise that flying is the primary form of travel among dreamers. Most people report that this is their favorite thing to do when they find themselves self-aware in their dreams. The feeling of the wind rushing across your face, the freedom and exhilaration of moving in any direction, free of all limitations, is quite an intoxicating experience.

When it comes to lucid dreaming, one of the simplest but most interesting experiences is walking through solid objects. In the dream world, obstacles only appear to be in your way. A window, a brick wall, a rock face -- these things are only illusions, projections from your mind.

They are not physical. Objects may feel solid when you touch them, but they feel solid only because you expect them to feel that way. Think of the object as air, and you will pass through it effortlessly.

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In a lucid dream, you can create anything. Nothing is off-limits -- no object, creature or contraption is out of reach. Your creation can be as large as a mountain or as complicated as a living organism. If you could create the impossible, what would you make?

Lucid dreaming: how to teach yourself to be the master of your dreams

The Unexpected Benefits After a few lucid dreams, many people experience a drastic alteration of their perspectives -- they realize that there is much more to reality than they currently understand. Dreams often alert us to our problems, and guide us toward a resolution. Read over your dream-journal entries and ask yourself, "Do any of these dreams contain advice on how I can be happier and more whole? Sometimes, however, interpreting our dream journals can be tough.

It's not always possible to know exactly what your subconscious is communicating. This is where lucid dreaming comes in. You can find lost parts of yourself while actively exploring your inner world. US Edition U.

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