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Dimensions : 6x9. Father Greeley was not shy about his politics, a New Deal liberalism grounded in an acute sense of family and neighborhood. He defended parochial schools, priestly celibacy, ethnic loyalties, Chicago politics and the vivid imagery of traditional Catholic piety. He deplored negative attitudes toward sexuality in the church and assailed church leaders for paying little heed to the views of the laity.

It was a thread that ran though his sociological research documenting the gap between what Catholics thought about sex and marriage — their more relaxed stance concerning artificial birth control, for example — and the more proscriptive positions of the church. His work with the distinguished sociologist Peter H. Rossi in the early s revealed the strengths of parochial schools, then being viewed by secular educators as second-rate and authoritarian and by liberal Catholics as a questionable use of church resources.

Andrew Greeley

The failure of many public schools soon provoked a fresh appreciation for the Catholic educational tradition. Before religion became creed or catechism, he said, it was poetry: images and stories that defy death with glimpses of hope, and with moments of life-renewing experience that were shared and enacted in communal rituals. I merely insist that experiences which renew hope are prior to and richer than propositional and ethical religion and provide the raw power for them.

This same concern for the religious experience of ordinary Catholics tied his sociological work to the fiction that he churned out with such energy. He was criticized for never having had an unpublished thought — or an unpublished fantasy, some added, faulting his fiction. Yet even his unpublished thoughts could cause trouble, as they did in And Archbishop Bernardin had long been considered the likely successor in Chicago.

He was regularly and unsparingly critical of his leadership.

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Andrew Moran Greeley was born on Feb. Greeley, a businessman, and the former Grace McNichols. His grandparents were Irish immigrants. Besides his niece Ms. Durkin, he is survived by a sister, Mary Jule Durkin; four other nieces; two nephews; and 18 grandnieces and grandnephews. From boyhood, Andrew Greeley wanted to become a priest.

Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, Ill.

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He was ordained in For almost a decade he worked as assistant pastor of Christ the King Church in an affluent area of Chicago, writing his first books on young Catholics and church life in the suburbs. In he earned a Ph. The group surveys American attitudes about religious, cultural and other issues. He never quite got over a string of setbacks.

One was his failure to be granted tenure at the University of Chicago in , though he had taught there for a decade and been widely published.

He attributed the rejection at least in part to prejudice against a Catholic priest; others said it had more to do with his cantankerous nature. Another blow came when the American bishops repudiated a sociological study of Catholic priests that they had commissioned from him. A two-year project completed in , the study found that American priests were widely dissatisfied with church leadership.

Then there was the resistance among liberal Catholics to his positive findings about Catholic schools.

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His research debunked the received view at the time that Catholics had low college attendance rates. Finally came the unwillingness first of Cardinal Cody and then Cardinal Bernardin to give him a parish of his own and appoint him its pastor.